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 One constant will be at the center of all decisions at all levels regardless of impact.  All outcomes will be measured by this one constant:


All Students Will Learn at a High Level


The Stanley-Boyd School District exists to produce results and benefits for students. These statements describe the results we want our school to accomplish. They shall represent the mission of the school, the end purpose of all District activity.




That students learn to read at an early age, with every child reading proficiently by the fourth grade. That they learn to express themselves in speech and writing. That they leave our school with an advanced level of literacy enabling them to compete in higher education and employment.




That students learn to use their minds well through a challenging curriculum in core subjects and elective classes. That District standardized testing results show a trend toward continuous improvement. That students leave our school intellectually prepared to succeed at whatever goals they set for themselves.




That students develop leadership and independence through their academic work and through participation in extra-curricular programs. That they can find in their teachers and coaches role models of good character. That they leave our school with habits of discipline, teamwork and integrity that will enhance their adult lives.




That students appreciate their rights and responsibilities as citizens of their community, of their country, and of the world. That they understand the foundations of American democracy and free enterprise. That they leave our school ready for their role as educated voters and active participants in civic and economic life.




That students become self-confident young people with good judgment. That they see themselves as achievers, able to face and overcome obstacles. That they leave our school with a sense of optimism, believing they can have a productive, happy future.


Revised:  April 22, 2010

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