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EVENT CANCELED - Due to very few RSVP's.



Oriole Outreach is an informative and interactive educational event for parents. Please join us for a light supper, a keynote speaker and three breakout sessions of your choice. The topics have been chosen to meet the needs of our Stanley-Boyd families. The sessions provide information for a range of ages, from early childhood through high school. You will learn strategies that will help you work with your child, partner with the school, and have the opportunity to collaborate with expert presenters. Join us to make a difference in the lives of your children and our school community. This is a parent event but free childcare* will be provided if needed. If you would like to register for this event, please contact Krystle Bacha at 715-644-5534 ext. 113.

Our keynote speaker will be Michael McGowan!

keynote speakerMichael McGowan works with schools, companies, parent groups, and students as a trainer, consultant, and motivational speaker on the topics of alcohol, drugs, conflict resolution, workplace and family issues.

Mr. McGowan has spent the last twenty-three years working with families and children. He has worked as an educator, family counselor, alcohol and drug counselor, and trainer. He has directed state certified training programs and alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. He has run mental health and drug rehabilitation hospitals and programs.

During the last fifteen years he has presented seminars to tens of thousands of school children each year and has trained thousands of teachers in hundreds of school districts across the country.

Additionally, Mike has worked with social service agencies, the department of corrections, professional athletes and teams from the NFL, MLB, the NHL and dozens of private companies as a trainer and consultant. His experience also includes numerous published articles and guest appearances on radio and television.

Oriole Outreach Agenda
4:30pm - 5:00pm Parent Check-In, Childcare Check-In and Drop-Off, "Grab and Go" Supper
5:00pm - 5:30pm Michael McGowan - Keynote Speaker
5:35pm - 6:15pm Breakout Session 1 
6:20pm - 7:00pm Breakout Session 2 
7:05pm - 7:45pm Breakout Session 3

Session Descriptions

Bullying and Cyberbullying-What Parents Should Know
Presenter: Mike McGowan

Parents will learn about what bullying is vs. what it is not. Parents will also discuss cyberbullying trends and how to navigate the waters of social media. Parents will be encouraged to discuss with their children standing up for themselves and their classmates while making positive decisions about how they treat others. Parents will also be encouraged to communicate with the school regarding their concerns and observations around the issue of student/school respect.

Changes in Math Education
Presenter: Michelle Parks, CESA 10 Math and Science Consultant

Do you struggle helping your student with their math assignments? Why isn’t math the same as when I was a student? Michelle will share how K-12 math education has changed and the philosophy behind the changes. Michelle will share good insight on how to best help your student from a parent perspective.

College Readiness
Presenter: Tyler Kopplin, SB High School Counselor

Parents can come ask questions about how to best prepare students for college readiness. We will cover the criteria to being admitted to various colleges and what courses your student can take to best prepare themselves for the future. Additionally, we will break down a year to year checklist to keep your student on track for success throughout high school.

Grandparents (and others) as Parents
Presenter: Barbara Manzo, GAP

Grandparents as Parents' (GAP) mission is to provide programs and services that meet the urgent and ongoing needs of grandparents and other relatives raising children at risk. Join us for a discussion about GAP to learn how you as caregivers and children alike can grow and thrive.

Healthy Dating and Relationships
Presenters: Blythe Newburg and Erin Bernardy, Family Support Center, Chippewa Falls

Participants will be provided with information on the Family Support Center and the services available as well as age appropriate information on healthy dating and relationships, dating violence, consent, etc. Participants will gain a clearer understanding of the dynamics of dating violence and the services the Family Support Center provides.

Helping Your Struggling Reader at Home
Presenters: Lisa Eslinger & Rebecca Isenberger, SB 1st Grade Teachers

Does your child struggle when reading at home? Does he/she get frustrated often? Do you get frustrated when trying to help? In this session, you will learn reasons why your child may be struggling and learn strategies to help your child be more successful when reading at home. Reading with your child at home should be enjoyable. Attend our session and let us help make reading at home both enjoyable and beneficial.

Laying Your Family’s Financial Foundation
Presenter: Andrea Hazard, Forward Financial Bank, Stanley, WI

Take the stress out of managing your family finances by building a budget. Lay the foundation for positive spending and saving habits by balancing your income with your monthly expenses. You’ll learn about budgeting best practices and the tools available to make your life easier from the experts at Forward Financial Bank.

Live Well
Presenters: Drs. Greg & Jennifer Haas, Harris Family Chiropractic, Stanley, WI

We will discuss the different aspects of health and wellness that apply to everyone, regardless of age. Also how to achieve/maintain a healthy weight, avoid chronic disease, and optimize longevity. We will give tools that parents can take home and share with their families.

Middle School Math - CMP3 (Connected Mathematics Project)
Presenters: Randy Gustafson, Maria Hall, and Nick Mahr, SB Middle School Math Teachers

CMP is a problem-centered math curriculum for Middle School students. This means that mathematical concepts are embedded in interesting problems. As students explore a series of connected problems, they develop understanding of the embedded ideas. CMP students are developing mathematical habits of mind: solving problems, reflecting on solution methods, examining why the methods work, comparing methods, generalizing methods, and relating methods to those used in previous situations. Parents of 5th - 8th grade students will get a first hand experience of a typical CMP lesson, the reason for this approach to math and the expectations of our Middle School.

Open Your Child’s Mind with Books
Presenters: Carla Rubenzer, SB 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Holly Bergman, SB 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Nancy Liebzeit, SB Title I Reading Teacher

When we read with our kids, we not only help them learn language and become life-long readers, we create lasting memories! If you want to know how to help your child pick a good fit book, learn how to discuss details together, and acquire some new tips and strategies, this session is for you.

Tackling Tough Parenting Issues
Presenter: Dr. Peter Gintner, PA-C, Physician Assistant, Family Medicine, Ministry Medical Group

Join Dr. Peter for a discussion on common parenting questions such as bedtime routine, misbehavior, potty training and so much more.

Taming Your Teen
Presenters: Donna Goodman, SB Middle School Principal & Director of Instruction & her husband, John Goodman

If you have a teenager living in your house, this session will help you survive this part of the parenting journey. It will provide you with strategies to help you understand what is going on with your teen and guide your response in ways that supports your teen's growth into adulthood. It will empower you to hold your teen accountable and support them in taking ownership and responsibility for their life choices. We hope that you can join us for some laughter, some strategies, and some solutions to help you along the adventure.

Technology in the High School Classroom
Presenters: Tanya Mahr, Kayleigh Steinmetz, Tabitha Behling, SB High School English Teachers

We will be going over different tools that the high school students use in the classroom related to technology. We will be looking at all the different Google Tools, Remind, and other tools teachers are using. As a result of attending this session, parents should be able to help their students use the different tools. They will also have a better understanding of different tools of communication available to them.

Using Technology to Keep Up With Your Child
Presenters: Renee Mahal, SB District Secretary, Liz Mertens, SB Middle/High School Secretary, Lynn Bauer, SB Elementary Secretary, Nicholas Hall, SB Elementary Principal

Learn how easy it is to keep up with your student. Take a tour of Skyward’s Family Access and the Stanley-Boyd School website. Take advantage of social media to stay informed!

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