Stanley-Boyd Area Schools
Board of Education Conversations
Committee of the Whole Meeting
Monday, March 21, 2022 6:30pm
Stanley-Boyd High School Library

A quorum of the board may be present. No board actions will be made at this meeting however, recommendations may be developed.

Pledge of Allegiance

1.0 Topic Conversations

1.1 Discuss Construction project updates/priorities
1.2 SBMS Salad Bar Petition Response

2.0 District Monitoring / Policy Review Conversations

2.1 Ends policy
2.2 SL11 Instructional Materials Selection - April Monitoring Report
2.3 SL14 Extra-Curricular Program - April Monitoring Report

3.0 Board Development / Expectations / Advocacy / Self-Evaluation / Superintendent Relationship Conversations

3.1 Discuss Superintendent Evaluation Rubrics for 2022 and Reports/Information requested for Evaluation
3.2 Ethics and Professional Norms
3.3 Equity and Cultural Responsiveness
3.4 Professional Community for Teachers and Staff
3.5 Leadership Aligned to Current Job Description

Jeff Boie, Clerk
Board of Education