Stanley-Boyd Area Schools
Board of Education Meeting
Monday, September 25, 2017
Stanley-Boyd High School Library

Board members will gather at Oriole Park at 6:30 for a tour of the new baseball and softball complex. A quorum may be present but no action will be taken.

Call to Order (7:00 pm or immediately following tour)
Roll Call of Board / Declaration of Quorum
Pledge of Allegiance
Adopt Agenda

1.0 Public Comment

2.0 Effective Curriculum and Instruction

2.1 Calendar Make Up Day Plan | Document
2.2 Early Release Proposal | Document

3.0 Administrator & Board Communications

3.1 Personnel Committee Report

3.1.1 2017-18 Employee Handbook | Document
3.1.2 2017-18 Employee Wage and Benefit Changes | Document

4.0 Approval of Consent Agenda

4.1 Minutes of Previous Meetings | Document
4.2 Expenditures | $ 475,061.09
4.3 Personnel Changes | Document

5.0 Financial Oversight and Stewardship of Resources

5.1 SL8: Asset Protection

Bus Mileage Report
Disposal of Surplus Items
Insurance Account
Local Vendors List

5.2 2017-18 Budget Update and Tax Levy

Bus Mileage
High Cost  Transportation Aid
Revenue Limit Worksheet

5.3 Greenhouse Budget and Progress | Document
5.4 Oriole Park

5.4.1 Financial Report | Document
5.4.2 Progress Report and Foundation Plaque

5.5 Fund 21 Versus Fund 46 for Future Oriole Park Expenditures

6.0 Agenda Planning and Board Business

6.1 SL6: Budgeting/Financial Meeting (Budget Hearing) – October 30; 8:00 PM

7.0 Closed Session

7.1 Administrative Contracts in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c).
7.2 Contract Negotiations with Rettler Corp. in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c).
7.3 Contract Negotiations with Group Health Cooperative in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c).

8.0 Take any Action Resulting from Closed Session

Jeff Boie, Clerk; Board of Education