Stanley-Boyd Area Schools
Board of Education Meeting
Monday, August 26, 2013
High School Library

All board members will convene at 6:00 PM in the community room for the purpose of meeting with District consultant, Richard Fields, regarding teacher compensation. No motions will be made or decisions made during this time period. The intent of the meeting is to provide Mr. Fields with direction so that he may continue his work with the board approved, "Teacher Compensation Meeting." There may be a quorum of the board present during this time.

No public comment shall be heard during the August board meeting in order to include time for the special meeting as well as the regular and closed sessions.

Call to Order (7:00 pm)
Roll Call of Board
Declaration of Quorum
Pledge of Allegiance
Adopt Agenda

1.0 Agenda Planning and Board Business (7:00 pm)

1.1 2013 WASB Fall Regional Meeting | Document
1.2 Set Annual Budget Hearing – October 28; 8:00 PM
1.3 WASB State Convention; January 22-24
1.4 Review: SL1: Superintendent Absence and Succession
1.5 Review: SL2: Treatment of Stakeholders
1.6 Review: SL3: Staff Hiring and Treatment | Document
1.7 Educator Effectiveness Conference Report – Mrs. Holub, Mr. Vircks

2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda (7:20)

2.1 Minutes of Previous Meetings | Document
2.2 Expenditures | $203,723.45
2.3 Personnel Changes 

New Hires:NamePosition
  Ali Becker Varsity Girls Basketball
  Jordan Donnerbauer FAA Advisor
  Kari Thorpe FCCLA Advisor
  Travis Schindler FBLA Advisor
  Amy Poppe Kindergarten
Resignations: NamePosition
  Hailey Zawacki Kindergarten Teacher
  Hailey Zawacki Varsity Girls Basketball
  Ali Becker J.V. Girls Basketball


Purchase: Renaissance Learning $7,759.36

3.0 Effective Curriculum and Instruction (7:21)

3.1 Mentor Training and Handbook
3.2 Reading Recovery Program

4.0 Administrator & Board Communications (7:36)

4.1 Teacher Compensation Committee Update | Document
4.2 Pool Temperature Report | Document

5.0 Financial Oversight and Stewardship of Resources (7:45)

5.1 2012-13 Budget Review

5.1.1 Savings Balances | Document
5.1.2 Actuarial Study – June 30, 2013 Amortization Schedule
5.1.3 June 30, 2013 Auditor Balances | Document
5.1.4 June 30, 2013 Fund Balances | Document
5.1.5 2012-13 Budget Review | Document
5.1.6 SL7: Financial Administration | Document

5.2 2013-14 Budget Update

5.2.1 State Budget Highlights | Document
5.2.2 SBSD Finances | 13-14_Budget.ppt
5.2.3 Summer Purchases

5.3 Summer Maintenance / Project Review

6.0 Closed Session (Community Meeting Room)

6.1 Adjust HRA Contribution for not electing insurance in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c)
6.2 HSA Contribution for 1st year teachers in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c)
6.3 Lane / Step Movement in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c)
6.4 Administrative Salary Discusssion in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c)

7.0 Return to Open Session

8.0 Take any Action Resulting from Closed Session

10.0 Adjourn (Tour of "300 Hallway" and 6th Grade Classrooms immediately after completion of board agenda)

Jeff Boie, Clerk; Board of Education